Guys. guys.  Hold your phones….




I have been traveling to Tucson nearly every spring to visit my grandparents since 1994.  I have fallen in love with the Tucson desert as easily as I fell in love with friend cheese curds. No joke.  That says something.


So when Rachael and Chris booked us for their wedding and we learned that Chris lives in Tucson and Rachael would be joining him there after the wedding –

At their pre-wedding consult – I asked Rachael if she was bringing her wedding dress to Tucson.  Since they are only there till June this year – she wasn’t planning on it.  But when I told her of my idea of a session in the desert – we were both set on her getting that dress down there one way or another!


And below is what ensued! THANK YOU for making my dreams come true Chris and Rachael – we cherish your friendship so very much 🙂

01-Tucson Mountain Desert Bridal Session

We actually started the evening at my grandparents house where my sweet grandma had a whole array of fruit, crackers and cheese for us to eat 🙂

 02-Tucson Mountain Desert Bridal Session

Which got us all fed and ready for these amazing pictures to happen 🙂

03-Tucson Desert Bridal Session

These two can follow direction and just…. be themselves like no other.  I could photograph them all day long 🙂

04-Tucson Desert Bridal Session

Oh sweet Rachael.  You’re a dream!

05-Tucson Desert Bridal Session

Light in the desert is like no other.  With no trees or shade – you have to capture the light in such a different way.

06-Tucson Desert Bridal Session

But the results are just breathe taking 🙂

07-Tucson Desert Bridal Session

Give me sun, warmth and a couple who just can’t get enough of each other and I am good for life!

08-Tucson Desert Bridal Session

The only downfall is that Jumping Cholla exist in the Tucson Mountains….  So you just have to watch what you’re backing into 😉

09-Tucson Desert Bridal Session

The great city of Tucson is just on the other side of this amazing lookout

11-Tucson Mountain Bridal Session

And pretending to be a Suajaro in a wedding dress is always fun 🙂

12-Tucson Mountain Bridal Session

Although Chris and Rachael are just fun, easy-going people – they can pull off the “serious” look so well 🙂

13-Tucson Mountain Bridal Session

Dearest Rachael – If you ever decide to model – I know people 😉 #youcouldtotallydoit

14-Tucson Mountain Bridal Session

Thanks again you two – you are so wonderful and we are really excited about having you back in MN!


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