Headshots and team photos can be done in our studio, in your office or outdoors.  Whatever best fits your needs or desired look. Whether your an individual looking to update their Linked In profile, or are coordinating headshots for an entire business team it’s important to think about the image you want to portray. There is a large variety in styles in professional headshots, and where you plan to use the images will affect how we shoot. We’re happy to work with you or your web designer to make sure that we capture the right style for you and your business.


We offer three options options for headshots that will each provide different shoot times for each individual. If you want to ensure 2-3 different great looking photos per person we recommend 10-15 minutes per individual. 30-45 minutes is typically enough time for one outfit change and 5-10 great shots. For large teams we do also offer “school photo” type sessions where each person is allotted 1-2 minutes. Send us a note, and we can talk through options and scheduling your headshots to ensure you get the type of photos you’re looking for.


Getting your photo taken can be uncomfortable for a lot of people. We do our best to work with people to make sure that we capture images that they’re happy to show off. It may seem counter-intuitive, but often people who are the most uncomfortable benefit the most from extra time. If you’re part of a group make sure to arrive a few minutes early and do your hair/ makeup checks before your allotted time.


Book your session

If you’re ready to book your session, or if you have some more questions send us a note.  Lead times vary for getting on our calendar, but for sessions during the week we’re typically booked less than 1-2 weeks out.


Headshot Photographer Minneapolis | Unique Headshots

Need a new headshot for work but don’t want to come in by yourself? DnK Photography has you covered. A headshot is simply a modern type of portrait for branding needs. A headshot portrait shows a person as they are, and can be either simple or stylized. Most people associate headshots in the entertainment industry with actors, actresses, and models, but headshots are actually used often in the business world. Think about it, if you have a profile on LinkedIn with a photo, that in effect is your headshot. Headshots are used for other professional social media sites as well.

Industry Headshots | Portrait Photography

In the entertainment and modeling industries, a headshot is used in complement with a resume when applying for jobs. Headshots of this style are usually artistic, and meant to show the subject at their best. DnK Photography is an expert at this, and can do the industry standard of 8×10 format, as well as other promotional images of varying aspect ratios. For the modeling industry specifically, finding a great headshot photographer by DnK Photography can be done for tear sheets, portfolios, advertisements, and other online industry profiles. DnK Photography is sure to make sure the resulting portraits are flawless.

Professional Portraits | Minneapolis Headshots

The corporate and business industry utilizes a different style of headshot for very different purposes. Unlike the entertainment and modeling industries, digital headshots are preferred over print. Lighting is simple but flattering nonetheless. Purposes for this kind of headshot range greatly from annual reports, modern resumes, corporate publications, press releases, marketing materials, and news articles.

The Perfect Studio | Minneapolis Headshot Photographers

Whether you need a headshot for the entertainment industry, modeling industry, or the corporate and business industry, the DnK Photography studio is the perfect place to get it done. It is has a feeling of a light and breezy atmosphere, and is probably just as versatile as our clients are. Itss the perfect blank slate on which to capture the portrait that is you. Their studio is designed for taking advantage of any kind of light source, resulting in the best possible headshot you can get. DnK Photography would love to take your headshot.