Our Story

Meet DnK 

Our Beginnings

The one who always had a camera, Dan began taking pictures in college.  With encouragement from friends, he ventured out and fostered a love for landscape and architecture photography.  His first sets of prints that he sold were from the U of M campus in the Bookstore.

Karin always loved photography and especially people, so when they met, the two passions combined and DnK Photography was born.

Since 2008 we’ve had the honor of photographing nearly 300 weddings and over 1,200 engagements, proposals, families, newborns (even births!) and events like 100th birthday parties, the Final Four and even the Super Bowl in Minneapolis!


We got married!

We fell in love in a coffee shop in January, engaged in the rain in a train in May and married in a rain storm in the end of August. Many thought we were crazy, we just knew we were crazy in love!


DnK Photography Created

In March of 2008 we photographed out first wedding and never looked back!


Nearly 300 Weddings…

Over 1,000 sessions, millions of images and so thanks for the people we’ve worked with!


Cheers to this year!

May this year bring more weddings being celebrated, events planned, and family memories captured – we are so looking forward to the photography industry being able to pick up once again and that we may be part of your special moments. We’re excited to celebrate with you!