Over 25,000 of you came here 6 weeks ago to read and pray for sweet Isla Paige. You read the story of her triumphant life leading up to a groundbreaking surgery and fervently prayed over Isla, her parents and her doctors. You were, and will always be her One Thousand {plus!} Warriors.

If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen that her surgery was successful and she again – proved that God works miracles.  Her intended 10 hour surgery was only 7 hours.  Everything went perfectly.

Isla was set to get a trache and you prayed for her then.

And as things got complicated you prayed.


With a heavy heart I post these photos below – for Isla Paige is now in heaven with Jesus.  She is no longer in pain and can breathe on her own.  Isla has impacted thousands of people around the world.  She has left more of a mark in her 5 months of life than anyone thought possible.


So I come to you now with this last request.  Please pray for Mark and Melissa {her parents} and everyone who loves and misses Isla.  I am beyond blessed to have been a small part of Isla’s grand journey in this life. She has forever touched my heart and I have never seen love like I saw between Mark, Melissa and Isla.  Their love went beyond my imagination of a parent and a child.  You could see Isla’s deep joy she had in being near her daddy and the trust she had in her sweet momma.


My heart breaks and my eyes weep at the very writing of this post.  I find it hard to truly find words that describe what being part of her beautiful story means to me.  But hopefully through these pictures you can feel what I feel – and that is an immense love for a girl that I wish you all could have met.


Please consider joining us are Isla’s visitation and Celebration of Life ceremony this week:

Isla’s Visitation will be at Bradshaw in White Bear Lake on Tuesday July 1st, 2014 from 5-9pm.

4600 Greenhaven Dr.

White Bear, MN 55127.


Isla’s Celebration of Life will take place at Calvary Baptist Church on Wednesday July 2nd, 2014 at 10am.

There will be a viewing from 9-10am before the Celebration and a time of fellowship following.

4604 Greenhaven Dr

White Bear, MN 55127. 

From Isla’s family:

Isla has touched so many lives in her short life. If you are able, we would love for you to celebrate with us whether you have met Isla or not. Everyone is welcome to all events and we would love to meet Isla’s One Thousand Prayer Warriors. Don’t feel bound to traditional funeral attire but feel free to dress for a celebration. 


Thank you for following Isla’s journey and praying alongside all of the other One Thousand Warriors.  If you are able, would you also please consider donating to Isla’s One Thousand Warriors Memorial – you can find all of that information here:



Sweet Isla – You are our warrior, princess, diva and sweetheart.  Your beaming eyes, chubby cheeks and big bows will forever be part of the memories we have of you.  May you dance and breathe freely now – I told my little baby Jude to greet you with a hug.  I love you,

xox -Karin


01 - Isla Paige One Thousand Warriors Islas Eyes

Until taking these pictures, I didn’t understand why people kissed those who had passed on at funerals.  Holding Isla {for me and everyone there} it was clear that Isla just appeared to be sleeping.  I kept waiting for her to wake up, move or need changing. I hope that through these images you don’t see a body no longer breathing, but parents being able to hold their daughter for the first time ever without her being hooked up to countless machines and on meds.  Holding Isla was so healing, peaceful and beautiful.  It is an experience I will never forget.

02- Isla Paige One Thousand Warriors Islas Eyes

03-Isla Paige One Thousand Warriors Islas Eyes

04-Isla Paige One Thousand Warriors Islas Eyes

05-Isla Paige One Thousand Warriors Islas Eyes

06-Isla Paige One Thousand Warriors Islas Eyes

07-Isla Paige One Thousand Warriors Islas Eyes

08-Isla Paige One Thousand Warriors Islas Eyes-

09-Isla Paige One Thousand Warriors Islas Eyes

10-Isla Paige One Thousand Warriors Islas Eyes

11Isla Paige One Thousand Warriors Islas Eyes

12-Isla Paige One Thousand Warriors Islas Eyes

13-Isla Paige One Thousand Warriors Islas Eyes



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