Meet Isla.  Tonight she was dedicated to Jesus.  Tomorrow she has major surgery.


When she was born – Doctors told her parents that she would maybe live for two days. She was born with DiGeorge Syndrome and only one lung.  At 2 days old Isla had open heart surgery to correct her pulmonary artery anomalies.  This week she will be 4 months old.


She is currently on VV ECMO {for the second time in her little life} and tomorrow her sweet self will be enduring a 10 hour surgery.  So tonight with her family gathered and her auntie watching from Sweden – we prayed.


Her parents and family dedicated her life to the Lord


She was given her first of many bibles,


And she was anointed in Jesus name.


Isla’s surgery tomorrow is the first of it’s kind.  Doctors are being flown in from Cincinnati to meet and help Isla



Tomorrow’s surgery will correct her tracheal rings and bronchial malaisa {a sliding tracheoplasty}


The Doctors have given Isla’s chance of survival at 50/50 – but we are claiming for 100% survival in Jesus name.


So would you be a one of Isla’s Warriors?  Would you commit to praying for her 10 times tomorrow – one for each hour she is in surgery?  We are calling  for one thousand of you to commit to praying with us.

Pray for the doctors, nurses and staff tonight as they rest that they may be ready and alert for Isla’s surgery.

Pray for Isla’s lung – that it would be strong and healthy.

Pray for the machines and equipment that it be sterile and working strong.

Pray that other people would join in our pursuit of healing for Isla.

Pray that her outcome is successful and groundbreaking.

Pray for Mark and Melissa – her parents – that they would find as much peace and humanly possibly tomorrow as they wait.


We believe in a Big God who can move BIG mountains.


And as Melissa told me tonight, Isla has done more in 4 months than many of us do in a lifetime.  Her life is a testament to God’s great power to heal and has brought new believers in Christ.  May her story on this earth continue and may her mission not yet be complete.






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