Leading up to your senior portrait session, think about what elements of your life you want to include.  Do you want to feature any particular sports or hobbies? What type of vibe do you want to give off? Casual? Formal? Hipster? Athlete?  Just make sure you represent yourself – by doing that – you will be as relaxed as you can be throughout the session!


We want to make sure we get your session in before your yearbook deadline – make sure you know when that is and what your yearbook needs.  Many school have restrictions on the cropping of the picture and what you can/can’t wear in it.  Also think about what season you want it in if that is an option for you!


When you come for the session, feel free to come solo or with a parent, sibling or friend.  Some people don’t like an audience and some like the support.  For the girls – many of our clients get their hair and makeup professionally done before the session.  You don’t need a prom up do – but it is nice {and fun!} to get your hair blown-out/curled for your once only senior pictures!


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Modern Senior Pictures | Minneapolis Senior Portraits

DnK Photography is thrilled to work with high school seniors. There’s nobody better than seniors as far as thinking outside the box. Seniors are ready to be different and creative in their sessions, and always have great ideas to contribute to a shoot. The benefit of going with DnK for senior pictures is that they can match any senior’s style, be it traditional, modern, or photojournalistic. DnK Photography just loves capturing the natural excitement that seniors bring to the shoot.

High School Senior Photography | Full of Personality

For the best senior portrait experience, seniors just have to express themselves, which they already do so well! It’s all about being yourself in the moment, and DnK Photography is the best for establishing a comfortable environment both in the studio and outside it. The best way to help make a shoot perfect include bringing favorite outfits as well as the excitement that just can’t be contained! Capturing a client’s personality accurately is what DnK Photography loves best. Whatever seniors bring to the table, this serves as the inspiration for DnK Photography to make the most striking and memorable portraits with which to mark this momentous time. Just being yourself is what DnK Photography is looking for, and wants to celebrate. With this in mind, DnK Photography will capture the biggest milestone seniors have yet to reach.

Location Shoots | Unique Portraits

What’s great about working with seniors is that they are always up for any kind of location, be it downtown, in a local park, or on the family farm. Some of the most expressive backdrops in Minneapolis are stone steps, cobblestone walls, worn train tracks, exposed brick, arching bridges, and graffiti-marked walls. Bring items of meaning to serve as fitting props, such as favorite jewelry pieces, a beautiful musical instrument, or beloved sports equipment. It’s very popular with seniors to split the portrait session between outdoor locations and the studio. This way, seniors get a mix of settings to show the world what they’ve got to offer. No matter if a senior’s style is urban, natural, modern, or classic, DnK Photography is the best choice for capturing the milestone that is graduation for seniors! With unique photos from DnK Photography seniors will look back in this time of their life with amazement.