Ryan and Kiandra had a gorgeous fall wedding last year {2014}. From ceremony in Stillwater to the wedding at the Great Hall in St Paul for the reception – it was just divine!  I started with the girls at the beautiful Capture Salon in Stillwater as Dan joined the guys at Ryan’s parents home.  It is always fun to have some extra time before the day gets crazy busy to get to know the bridal party, see those friendships/relationships and hear some fun stories too 🙂

After everyone had arrived and was ready – we started with Ryan and Kiandra’s first look – and let me tell you – Ryan’s reaction to seeing Kiandra was one of the sweetest expressions of genuine love I’ve seen  : )  These two just have such an endearing joy in each other – that was also evident to us when we photographed their engagement session about a year before their wedding <3

We hadn’t yet been to the church that the wedding ceremony was at – but we were excited to see some awesome colors and poplar trees right outside.  This certainly made for the perfect spot to do their first look and bridal party pictures.

They had a very heartfelt and meaningful wedding ceremony with songs by family, sweet words from moms and the perfect mix of laughter and happy tears <3

Next stop? Irvine Park : ) This park never fails to disappoint for bridal party photos – as well as pictures with K&R.  I always love spending a good {relaxed!} amount of time with the bridal party – but my hands down favorite part of wedding photography is taking the “money shots” ; ) the pictures of the bride and groom.  I just love those sweet moments with the two of them – something Ryan and Kiandra certainly provided a lot of!

We got to witness a fun-filled wedding reception that Kiandra and her mom and step mom really put a lot of thought and time into : )

RyKi – thank you for letting us be part of your day : ) We can’t wait to see where life takes you and we are so grateful to know you two.


K : )


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