Yes – I know – It has been forever since I posted! The proof is in the fact that is it cold and snowy out right now and that these pictures have…. Well – warmth, green grass and sunshine that actually makes you feel warm! We had a lot of great outdoor weddings this year – but Hope Glen Farm Weddings never ceases to disappoint!

Despite my absence from blogging – we had SUCH a great time with Travis and Taylor : )  Their day was so sweet to be a part of.  They have wonderful families and friends – and I even got to attempt some of my not-as-great-as-they-used-to-be sign language skills – which always makes my heart so very full <3

This was my second time returning for a wedding at Hope Glen Farm – but Dan’s first.  I photographed PJ and Karissa’s wedding at Hope Glen Farm is May of 2013 – it certainly was a joy to get back there and see all of their new additions!

I personally was really excited about the goats : )  And even more excited when we got to go take pictures WITH the goats : )  We also escaped from the farm for a bit to do some pictures in a favorite little hidden spot that Dan and I found with some great color in the background and sunshine – 2 things I love most when doing the couple’s portraits especially!

Taylor and Travis did a wonderful job with all of their details and decor – as well as their entry into the ceremony {on site ceremony was a first for me here at Hope Glen Farm – so that is always fun too!} But one of my favorite things at a wedding is hearing the speeches – especially speeches like the heartfelt ones we heard from the parents, Jeff {best man} Jenna {maid of honor} and even grandpa 🙂  Great speeches really give you a feel of who they are as individuals and a couple and to this day I can remember how apparent it was to everyone there as to what an amazing couple these two are both together and as individuals : )

T&T – thank you for letting us be part of your day – it was such a blessing to witness your marriage and we pray you have many wonderful years together!


K : )


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