01-Sebastiani Winery Vineyard Wedding Photographer

I have been looking forward to this wedding since the day we met with Allison and Drew!  We photographed a wedding in wine country back in 2010 – so we were just itching to get back out there!


We had such a fun weekend with Allison, Drew and their family and friends – from the get go – we were welcomed with open arms to their friendly group.  They had a fabulous groom’s dinner at The General’s Daughter and the next day everything was held at Sebastiani Vineyard and Winery 🙂  Although the plan was for an outdoor ceremony – it was moved indoors due to rain – but that made for a beautiful ceremony in the main hall.


Thank you SO much for letting us be part of your beautiful weekend – Allison and Drew!

 02-Sonoma Wedding Photography

I am in LOVE with this shot and her dress 🙂  If you can guess what I was shooting into – I’ll take you out to coffee 🙂

03-Sonoma WeddingPhotography04-Sonoma Wedding Photography

As I get older – even though we don’t have kids yet – these mother/daughter moments really get me 🙂

05-Sonoma Wedding Photography 06-Sonoma Wedding Photography

We played it by ear for much of the day due to the rain – but that didn’t stop us from having a sweet reveal still 🙂

07-Sonoma Wedding Photography

This girl? Just stunning! What a beautiful bride!

08-Sonoma Wedding Photography

It was so fun to see all their close friends come together and travel to CA for their wedding – what a good looking bridal party!

09-Sonoma Wedding Photography

10-Sebastiani Winery Vineyard Wedding Photography

We did get a bit of sunshine for about 15 minutes 🙂  Which was perfect timing for the trolley and bluffs!

11-Sebastiani Winery Vineyard Wedding Photography 12-Sebastiani Winery Vineyard Wedding Photography

And this! I just can’t get enough of this pure joy, love and excitement 🙂  This is why I do what I do!

13-Sebastiani Winery Vineyard Wedding Photography 14-Sebastiani Winery Vineyard Wedding Photography 15-Sebastiani Winery Vineyard Wedding Photography

I love shooting in new to us spaces – and seeing things in ways maybe others haven’t yet – one of the great things about destination weddings!

16-Sebastiani Winery Vineyard Wedding Photography 17-Sebastiani Winery Vineyard Wedding Photography

Post-wedding ceremony – these two still beat the cold and rain for some more stunning shots 🙂

18-Sebastiani Winery Vineyard Wedding Photographer 19-Sebastiani Winery Vineyard Wedding Photographer 20-Sebastiani Winery Vineyard Wedding Photographer

Everything about this wedding day was perfect – down to the decor, flowers and cake – just stunning details!

21-Sebastiani Winery Vineyard Wedding Photographer 22-Sebastiani Winery Vineyard Wedding Photographer

What a grand way to make an entrance to your wedding reception – right?!

23-Sebastiani Winery Vineyard Wedding Photographer 24-Sebastiani Winery Vineyard Wedding Photographer 25-California Vineyard Wedding Photography 26-California Vineyard Wedding Photography27-California Vineyard Wedding Photography

This group  sure had a fun time dancing and rocking the night away 🙂

28-California Vineyard Wedding Photography 29-California Vineyard Wedding Photography 30-California Vineyard Wedding Photography

As the night drew to a close – it was great to sneak in a minute to capture a few night shots by their beautiful fountain 🙂

31-California Vineyard Wedding Photography

Thank you again so very much for letting us be part of your day!

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