Oh I can’t BELIEVE I didn’t blog this last year!  We knew we were heading out west for a wedding and engagement session so I threw out the idea to Kelley and Mat about having an Elopement Wedding in California while we were out there. It started as a laughing/fun thought, then a suggestion for an engagement session/vacation for them and turned into such a wonderful elopement wedding with Mat and Kelley!

I’ve known Kelley since college when we lived together and she is just the sweetest <3 Kelley has a kind, loving caring and giving heart that I just adore so very much 🙂  She is such a faith-filled woman who I deeply admire and was so happy to be part of this wonderful day!

Mat and Kelley have known each other since their high school years – so this wedding was such a happy united of two fabulous people. I am just so happy that we were able to put together an intimate, meaningful, loving and AWESOME wedding 🙂

We started at a gorgeous hotel in downtown San Francisco for some getting ready pictures and then headed to Muir Woods National Monument for their ceremony.  One of the really cool factors was that another college friend of ours, Dan Rippl {a super awesome dude, worship pastor, photographer and videographer} performed the wedding ceremony. After some amazing pictures, we headed back into San Francisco for a lovely dinner – and as we were all parting ways, there was music playing in Ghirardelli Square and Mat and Kelley had such a sweet {impromptu} first dance <3

It was just so sweet to see how much just came together to help Kelley and Mat really celebrate a day that was just made for them.  We love you both so much – we are so grateful to have you as friends in our lives, we love how much you love our dogs and we can’t wait to have many more memories to come 🙂


Karin 🙂

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