Over the winter we traveled…. A LOT. Okay – so maybe a bit more than we originally planned!

We did get to go out to Utah a few times for work and one evening of that work included doing some headshots for the folks we were out doing videos for 🙂

Did I mention that all of these lovely faces I met because of my love for essential oils?  We got to go to Nashville and Salt Lake {x3} to do some really fun work surrounding around essential oils – curious to know more? I’d love to share: [email protected] and in case you’re just like – heck yes!  I want some – you can see that here for getting your love of oils on!


Anyways – on to those headshots! We got to photograph these outdoor headshots along this AMAZING pond that is atop a mountain in Park City. There is a sweet boathouse, row boat, canoe and walking path. I am positive I could live there 😉


BAH! I just love you all – thanks for being so awesome <3

All my best,

Karin 🙂


0073-Outdoor Headshots 0074-Outdoor Headshots 0075-Outdoor Headshots 0076-Outdoor Headshots 0077-Outdoor Headshots 0078-Outdoor Headshots

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