A handful of times per month we get emails, facebook messages and texts on what camera to buy.  But this time of year it is more of a daily thing! Especially on Cyber Monday 😉  So I thought I would write a post on consumer-level cameras and lenses.

We have a fantastic following of photography-loving friends on Facebook – so I hope you or someone you share this with enjoys it 🙂  Please feel free to comment with questions as we would love to help you in your camera buying process!


Camera bodies:
This is the highest end Canon Rebels:
Canon T4i – you can buy the body only as an option for $599 which is what I would recommend if you have the funds and desire for the T4i plus being able to buy what lenses you want/not being stuck with the kit lens.
The next step down is the:
There is only a $50 difference between the two {when buying camera bodies only} – the T4i has the DIGIC 5 processor so it is faster and has a higher ISO range {worth the $50 in my opinion}
You can currently also buy a T5i or for $50 more than that the 60D. {and of course then the next level up/”prosumer” type cameras}  If you have more questions on those please let me know – for this post will be geared more towards the entry level Rebels 🙂
The Canon 50mm 1.8 is the BEST lens under $400 – and it’s only $100 {ish}  It is great for using in home when you want to photograph family events {or portraits in or outdoors} without using your flash.  It goes all the way down to 1.8 {awesome!} and is just a great great lens 🙂  BUT it is cheap because it is a plastic body/frame.  So just don’t drop it…..
The Tamron 17-50mm doesn’t have IS but is a lens we had starting out and is of really good quality PLUS the huge factor is that it is 2.8 {much better for low light setting} and it can hold that aperture all the way through 50mm
This is the Canon version of the Tamron lens:
It is more expensive because A- it is “name brand”  B- it has Image Stabilization
LAST thought – if you really want one lens for around the house, and one lens for nature {and don’t mind swapping if need be/mixing it up} then I {personally} would choose the 50mm 1.8 {I have a mild obsession with my 50mm length, which is actually close 80mm on a crop sensor – as I mentioned, every camera below a Canon 7D has a cropped sensor – so a 50mm on the cameras we use {5D Mkiii} vs a 50mm on a Rebel is different – it’s “zoomed-in” more. {this winter we will be for a “for photographers” and “for consumer photographers” series – we can tell you more about that later}  then I would buy this lens to complement owning the 50mm:
because 11mm on your camera is 17.6mm on your camera.  Dan takes most of his landscape pictures with his 16-35mm – so the Tokina 11-16 would be like Dan using a 17-25 essentially.
That is a lot to take in – but again – ask questions!! We’re here to help 🙂
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