Yes I know I know…. You’re wondering – “Didn’t they JUST move???”  Well – you’re right! If you’ve been with us for awhile we spend 2 years in a Co-Op space in NE, then we got out OWN place in SLP, but then last summer we got the opportunity to move into the Semple Mansion in a gorgeous space : ) But – due to circumstances beyond our control we had to move out.  It made for some stress since we were in Florida at the time – BUT!  It was a blessing in disguise. As we arrived home we spent a week viewing potential spaces but none of them fit the bill. So after some talking and planning we decided to move the studio home!


We actually talked about this for a bit when we first moved into this house {because it is laid out quite well for it} so I was elated when Dan brought the idea up again.  Thus began some painting and moving our studio stuff into our home.  Since neither of us are interior decorators we sought out the help of our awesome neighbor and Interior Designer extraordinaire, Jenna, she got us on the right track 😉 {also a shout out to my cousin for helping with the final touches of shopping!}  Sidebar – you need to follow Jenna on Pinterest – she is an amazing designer, momma and human being with so many great ideas! If you need Interior Design help – let me know and I’ll connect you with her!

I am just so pumped to have this in home.  I love hosting people and even more so, I love the relationships we build with our clients, so this is just such a natural progression for us!

SO!  Here are the pictures : ) Moses has already claimed the rug ; )


2015-04-08_0006 2015-04-08_0007 2015-04-08_0008 2015-04-08_0009 2015-04-08_0010 2015-04-08_0011 2015-04-08_0012

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