01-cute minnesota farm engagement session

I first met Liz years ago – we both competed in the Miss America Scholarship Program – She was Miss Brainerd Lakes – I Miss Winona – ahhhhh good times 🙂 Lots of makeup, hairspray and chicken cutlets – if you know what I mean then we just know 😉

I digress – fast forward many years and now Liz is engaged to Glenn and we get to photograph their wedding any engagement!  We had the distinct honor of photographing them at Liz’s family farm – her aunt and uncle currently live on the property – but it goes back FIVE generations!  I just loved EVERYTHING about this barn.

It is currently used as a sheep farm – I had NO idea how much I just LOVE sheep! No joke!  I want to move, like now – and get some land just so I can have sheep and sit outside and listen to them baa!  Oh.my.word.  I don’t think I have every laughed so much in a session – all from the sheep!!  They were EVERYwhere – every building, every pen – every size and age and type of shave/cuts…. Ugh.  I think I was in heaven there!

The really cool part is that they actually supply the sheep for the Miracle of Birth center at the Minnesota State Fair!!  AWESOME!

As awesome as the sheep are – so are Liz and Glenn – they were such troopers in the cold weather we were having {and really strong winds!} and made it through the session with flying colors! I know it has been hot lately – but it certainly wasn’t that evening!

Okay – I’ll quit my babbling and just let you enjoy the pictures!!  Can’t WAIT for your wonderful September wedding guys!

I just fell in love with this particular barn – plus it provided from protection from the wind and we acclimated ourselves to the cold!

02-minnesota cute farm engagement session

The variety of chickens on the farm was so neat – like being at the state fair!

03-minnesota farm engagement session cute

These two settled into posing with each other pretty quickly – that always makes it easy on us!

04-minnesota cute farm engagement session

As I mentioned – I could NOT get enough of the sheep!!  Especially the baby ones 🙂

05-cute minnesota farm engagement session

The lighting…. oh the lighting!! So thankful to be back to late summer evening light 🙂 <3

06-minnesota farm cute engagement session

There were so many barns and buildings for us to choose from for backdrops!

07-cute minnesota farm engagement session

08-minnesota farm engagement session cute

And I think this was when I was chuckling the most – the llama with the sheep – such a hoot!

09-minnesota cute farm engagement session

And the baby sheep that just didn’t know what to do with the barn cat… Oh sweet things 🙂

10-cute minnesota farm engagement session

I just love these big wide shots of the barn – and the warmth the barn brought was nice too 😉

11-cute barn engagement session

12-cute barn engagement session

I about fainted when I saw this next image in my camera! The lighting was DIVINE and turned out exactly how I was hoping!

13-awesome barn engagement session

And of course – it was great fun to hear stories of Liz and her cousins playing up in this barn and swinging from the rope 🙂

14-awesome barn engagement session

The sheep!!! They just get me every time!!! haha

Mmmmmm and the B&W and the lighting…. I gush!

16-awesome barn engagement session 17-minnesota farm engagement session

Liz – you are so beautiful inside and out! I feel SO blessed to know you 🙂

18-minnesota farm engagement session

Seriously breathtaking 🙂  Love you guys!! See you SOON!!!!

19-minnesota farm engagement session

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