DnK Photography is a studio that was started under the philosophy of providing creative, artistic, personal photography to all of our clients.  We saw a desire for photography that was natural and authentic; capturing moments that are unique, personal and genuine to its subjects.  We deliver images that are edited true to color, circumstance and the individuals that we photograph.  From the beginning, we vowed to always deliver edited, full-resolution images with digital rights to reprint to our clients for every session.  We are passionate about what we do and about making sure all of our clients feel cared for and appreciated.


DnK Photography was started in 2007.  A mutual love for photography, Dan’s technical ability and Karin’s natural enjoyment of working with people created the perfect blend for becoming the original, digital, modern husband and wife photography team in Minnesota.  Together they are going into their 7th season of being full-time wedding photographers!


Dan and Karin each have their own perspectives, but use them to create a unique cohesive style that tells the story of the whole day; from big awesome landscape shots to emotions and details that make a wedding day so special.  Dan’s photography passion started by photographing landscapes and architecture whereas Karin preferred capturing people and emotions.  Together that is what started the foundation and method in which DnK Photography shooters work.


Although we started primarily as a wedding photography studio, photographing maternity, newborns and other portraits came pretty naturally shortly after the weddings!  Karin generally photographs portrait sessions but together we enjoy photographing cooperate events for clients such as the Minnesota Twins, Coca-Cola, Destination Imagination, 3M, Livingston Financial and more.