Olive Oyl and Popeye. Daisy and Donald. Homer and Marge. Maxwell and Fran. All dynamic duos. People go well in pairs you know – and what’s funny about it all is how different all the great duos are.

We think that’s us too. It’s funny how different we are – yet – we work so well together.

Our story is swift – we fell in love in a coffee shop in January, engaged in the rain in a train in May and married in a rain storm in the end of August. Many thought we were crazy, we just knew we were crazy in love.

A bit about Dan:
I think photography is so unique in its ability to freeze a moment. From the beginning I have loved how the right lighting, timing, and perspective could make an awesome photograph where no one else saw something unique.
Many of my memories are based around a favorite photograph, and I think it is really awesome that we get to help people remember and re-live their wedding days.
Outside of photography I really enjoy goofing with our dogs, mountain biking, camping and discovering new music.


A bit about Karin….
I think Jesus is awesome
My husband is amazing – and probably the coolest person I know
Our dogs are hilariously weird
It’s pronounced “Car-Inn” {not “Care-Inn”}
I love essential oils {Young Living!}
I am a Minnesota born and raised hard-core Packer fan
Minnesotan accents are the best – donchyaknow!

We've been married 9 years!

and generally speaking it has gone by pretty fast ; )

We love to travel!

Especially for weddings! We have photographed in Mexico, HI, CA, AZ, NY, UT, CO, FL, IL, WI, SD, IA and of course, MN!

We have two silly dogs

They are Moses and Maizy!  Since we happen to take a lot of photos of them… If you have time, you can see those below!

We're auntie and uncle

We numerous little loves in our lives that call us Uncle Dan and Auntie/Tia Karin – we love them all SO very much!

We both find a lot of inspiration in our wedding work from the beauty in nature. Explore some of our favorite nature photographs taken by Dan.

The doggers